Market information

It is essential to know exactly the operational mode of a market before initiating any internationalisation process. The market research development allows obtaining the required information through different techniques and specialised tools. The scope of the studies may vary from preliminary studies up to overall studies.

Included Services

  1. Technical studies – Aimed to gather the necessary information in order to export to our target market. Logistics, customs and input records information will be necessary to know the cost value of our product in the market as well as its way of access.
  2. Legal reports – Procedure for the creation of companies and their maintenance, as well as reports regarding tax, accounting and employment.
  3. Competition reports – Market competition reports, effective positioning, differential variables or quota, as well as sector evolution and trends.
  4. Demand reports – Analysis of end-user consumer, profile and consumption habits. Knowing the target groups is crucial to adapt ourselves to the market.
  5. Overall reports – Ad-hoc deep market studies to know the reality of the sector, the size of the market, the reference of the players, the current legislation as well as any other related information.

Validate a country

The internationalisation processes often require strong financial and temporary resources. For this reason, it is essential to validate previously the adequacy of the company in the chosen market. The contact with potential customers, providers or partners will allow us to obtain the first commercial feedbacks to validate previous hypothesis.

Included Services

  1. Customers, suppliers and partners’ listings. – Research and database organisation of the key players, according to the characteristics of the project.
  2. Participation in international fairs and exhibitions – The international fairs are one of the best tools available for a company to know the reality of a sector in a country and develop its first commercial actions. Concentrating in a small place the demand and supply, and it requires an adequate preparation to maximise the time and result.
  3. Virtual or on-site business agendas – B2B meetings development with local companies in order to start the product commercialisation or alliances research. The agendas are preceded by a careful analysis of the company’s objectives and its value proposal. The assistance of a local consultant can also be included, in order to facilitate the communication and reduce cultural differences.
  4. Commercial Trade Fairs – Execution of sector trade fairs, specialised show-rooms and multi-company agenda looking to strengthen grouped actions. Designed for Associations and Organisms, there are executed by our local consultants, offering total support to the companies involved in the optimisation of the trip and organisation of the technical visits.

Preparing the company

Once the company has decided to access a foreign market, through any of the existing alternatives, a key phase of strategic planning as well as a complete training of the staff involved in such operation is initiated in order to ensure the objectives achievement as well as the monitoring process.

Included Services

  1. International business plan development – Elaboration, together with the company management, of the business international planning: Marketing, commercial and operations, communication, human resources or economic and financial plans.
  2. Cultural Immersion 
  3. The cultural immersion sessions allow to have a first-hand view of the country’s reality. A tour through the history, traditions and habits as well as values governing the behaviour of its citizens. All these elements are key for defining and developing clear commercial politics, ways “doing-business”, along with the adequacy of the communication and human resources plans.
  4. Specialised technical training – In-company training plans definition and execution over different foreign trade environments: Logistics and International Transport, Payment Methods, Financing, Customs, etc.

Commercial and operational strengths

According to the selected internationalisation model, the company will require commercial presence as well as permanent operative actions in the country of destination, or in the setting of an export team for the virtual search and management of opportunities. In How2Go, we have solutions for every situation.

Included Services

  1. Foreign Trade Representation in Destination – You will have a consultant from our How2Go local office that will act as a member of your company to start the first commercial contacts, conduct face-to-face meetings, take part in trade fairs and events, manage a customer portfolio, etc. This will avoid initial infrastructure costs and will ensure the access to a local professional consultant that has a first-hand knowledge of the country.
  2. Export Office – The companies that, by their business type, do not need local presence for their products commercialisation will have a foreign trade team of consultants to perform the sale tasks: from the access channels and customers study to the requirements definition as well as the orders and logistics chain management.
  3. Trade Fairs promotion – In How2Go we specialise in the international trade fair sector, supporting organisers and actors of different sectors for the international promotion of events. Communication strategies development, contact with institutions, institutions and associations, search of international exhibitors, attraction of visitors or purchasers from other markets and brand promotion are required.
  4. Import procedures and formalities – Regulation analysis, products’ registration with official bodies and organisms, technical documentation preparation, etc.